Hello, it's great to have you here!

My name is Nicole Madeira Marcio and Apoema is my dream come true. I'm a graduated Graphic Designer passionate about Sustainability and Branding. Apoema is a small design studio focused on developing and promoting sustainable brands. Here we use the power of design to help conscious entrepreneurs to stand out and build a better future.

Do you have a sustainable business?

Awesome! You've already chosen the best path to the future. Now the next step is to build a strong brand to grow your market share and attract not just clients, but followers. My job is to dive into your brand values and translate it into the best solution in Visual Identity.

Images can speak better than words, take a look at our Case Studies. Or read more about my Design Process.


I'm looking forward to talk to you!

The power of the internet

The studio is not based anywhere. But you won't miss meet me in person. Thanks to the Internet, we can communicate perfectly as we were face to face - also avoiding traffic and waste of time! You can choose the media you prefer to talk to me and I will always be available.

I'm from Brazil, but since October/2015 I left to Europe to live in other countries, meet new people and different cultures. I've already lived in Bucharest (Romania), Turin (Italy) and also visited Poland and Holand for a week each. My next journey will be in the UK.

Why hiring a small studio?

Because we will work as partners, without any intermediates to the creative process. Which means the project will end up exactly how we planned. Also, I take only one job at a time so you will have an exclusive professional to take care of your brand. You can read more about my process here.

We will be in touch by email, skype or any other online way you prefer. If we are in the same city, we can also meet for a coffee :)

Let's grow a community

I also promote the Sustainable Design through my blog, teaching students and encouraging other entrepreneurs to be more conscious.

We talk about branding, design, and sustainability. You are invited to join our discussions, sign up to the newsletter and receive free and curated content once a week.

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