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Vegfest Scotland – Foods

In November, I went to my first vegan festival, the Vegfest Scotland, here in Glasgow. It was a weekend of…

Design Process: Vegan Safe Market

  Starting a design project is always a challenge, especially when you are not familiar with the market. When it…
two people drinking tea

Are you welcoming your clients?

Last month I was walking around when I found a nice store offering only fairtrade products. I passed in front…

Design Process: Visual Identity for Friendly Cosmetics

I created Friendly because I’m fascinated about vegan cosmetics. I think they deserve to shine because they have the guts…
sustainable design

Sustainable Design

How is Graphic Design related to Sustainability? Let's talk about Sustainable Design and why it is so important to practice…
consumo consciente

Consumo Consciente

Entenda o que é consumo consciente e ciclo de vida do produto. Descubra os principais motivos para começar a ser…
atitudes sustentaveis

10 Passos Para Ser Mais Sustentável

Descubra como ser mais sustentável! Baixe a checklist para acompanhar sua evolução.
design sustentavel, eco design

Eco Design e o Design Sustentável

Descubra porque começar agora mesmo um projeto de design sustentável!
lettering guia para iniciantes

Hand Lettering – Guia para Iniciantes

Entenda o que é lettering e porque investir nele, tanto como empresa, quanto como designer. Para os designers: 7 passos…
sustainable practices

10 Steps To Be More Sustainable

Learn some easy and efficient sustainable practices and help to change the world! Download a nice pocket checklist at the…