My goal as a designer is to help your brand stand out. Nowadays, we live in a competitive world. It is very hard to get people's attention. However, your sustainable business is remarkable. I believe it deserves to shine. That's why I'm here to help you.

Investing in a Visual Identity project is how you show people how much you believe and care about your brand. It is your opportunity to show your business values and attract the right audience. A brand literally speaks for itself, so it's better if it speaks appropriately, right?

The creation process of a Visual Identity goes beyond sitting in front of the computer and open the Illustrator. A logo has no intention to be artistic or to please everybody. The visual identity process needs to focus on your audience.

As an entrepreneur or a business professional, you are an expert in your area. As a designer, I'm an expert in my area. Which means we will work as partners. Before we start, you need to provide your business goals and strategic information. Then, I will dig into your brand values to guide you to the best design decisions.

Valuable Results

My creation process focuses on your business needs. It is a problem solving work. It is about results, not just about delivering something pretty.

Our conversation starts before we state any agreement. We have to discover if I am a good fit for your investment. So, the more information you share with me, more aligned we will be to a successful partnership. To dig in your brand values, we need to talk about 3 aspects:

1. The Target Audience

Your business only exists because you have clients, people engaged in consuming whatever you sell. Every action has to relate with your audience wishes. But, you only know what they need if you find out who they are. There are 4 ways to define your target audience:

  • Demographics: Gender, age, family members, occupation, education level, income level, etc.
  • Geographical: Where are you focusing your brand? What are the restrictions and demands there?
  • Behavioral: Loyalty, occasion, usage (heavy or light user) and benefits.
  • Psychographics: The lifestyle, also called AIO: opinions, interests, activities.

2. Market Analysis

Here you will tell me the important aspects of your business

  1. Company Analysis: Why your business is important? What will you offer in the future? How do you see your brand in 5 years? What are your sustainable practices?
  2. Industry Analysis: How big is your market? What trends are affecting it? What are your expectations for the next years?
  3. Competitors Analysis: Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are your competitive advantages?

3. Goals

Finally, the most important question:

What is the goal to achieve by investing in this project? 

My responsibility is to provide valuable solutions to your business. In other words, results. Your goals can be:

  • Increase: audience, market share, value perception, etc.
  • Improve: confidence, loyalty, usage, etc.
  • Reduce: risk, losses - not necessarily investing in design will make more money, but it can prevent from losing money.

Proposal & Contract

Everything we talk above will be simplified in a document called Brief. Handling this document, I will prepare a proposal explaining every step of the project and the investment price - based on the value I will provide you.

Plus, we will have a contract that prevents any misunderstanding. If you agree, I send you the invoice and we can start the creation!

Creation Process

1. Analysis

I will immerse myself into your business.

  1. First, I will recap all the information and make a research about your target, competitors, and market
  2. I will collect references to guide my creative ideas
  3. I will translate the writen ideas into image boards.
  4. I will ask you to to confirm if I am on the right direction.

2. Sketch

With everything in mind, I can start sketching my ideas. I will sketch all the possibilities, test them and check if they are aligned with the brief. Also, I will choose the colors, images, typography style and other visual information of the project.

Sketch, test, reset the mind, try again. This process can not be done in just a few days, because it's where I will find the best solution. 

As we aligned our ideas in the last step, the solution should be very near to what we discussed. If it is not, we have to revisit the brief because probably something is missing there.

 3. Digital

This is the technical and aesthetic step. I will work in vectorizing the sketches and give life to the solution. I will choose the right typography, add colors, edit images and what else the project requires. It is a very meticulous process, where I have to check many visual aspects to be sure everything is settled.

4. Presentation

All done, I will create a presentation for you, explaining and justifying the solution. It will include the brief, the research, the concept and the final result. Then, I will finalize the archives for print/web and deliver everything to you in a PDF.


I'm looking forward to talk to you!