Apoema is a design studio focused on sustainable businesses. My goal is to help conscious entrepreneurs to build a better and safer world for the future. 

Sustainable practices are a must. Every company should upgrade their strategies to attend this necessity. Instead, the majority of them are actually following the greenwashing. Companies noticed how worried consumers are about sustainability so they started to market it. 

Although we are in a sea of irresponsible brands, consumers are more and more worried about sustainability. They are looking for sustainable products and asking for eco-friendly solutions. Which means people are ready to consume your brand. They just need to see it, be attracted to it and to trust in what you are selling.

The way I chose to fight for a better world is offering my services to promote sustainable brands and initiatives. A professional visual identity design can make your business grow, turn your consumers into followers, and make your communication reliable. That's why I'm looking forward to helping brands that follow the same sustainable values as I follow here in Apoema (always improving!)

Sustainable Values


I would never ever support the most unsustainable industry, the livestock. The same way, I won't work with any business that depends on animal stocks, such as leather, wool, etc. Neither those who tests in animals.


Every eco practice is welcomed: organic, recyclable, less water waste, pollution control, energy safe, eco-friendly materials, upcycle, etc.


Companies must pay fair salaries and provide the right conditions to their employees. They have the responsibility to choose and control their suppliers. 


My creative process focuses on finding your business value to communicate the right message to your target. Everything is designed with a purpose.


It’s not wrong to make a profit, as long as this profit is fairly earned and invested to benefit and improve the communities. 


I only work with clients and suppliers that aim to develop our society respecting the environment.